November update


So I managed not to write an update for most of October, largely due to to a slow down in progress due to the October school break. It’s time for another round up of what’s been going on. There’s been quite a bit of progress on decorating as well as some more electrical work and some background discussions on flooring.

Front bedroom

Having finally completed the undercoating of all the walls and woodwork I was able to do some colour testing with Katie and come up with a colour scheme. She opted for a blue/pink combination.

I started by painting the OSB wall in white then improvised a blue ‘splash’ running up the OSB and onto the ceiling. Katie came along to help add the pink. There are a few final decisions required but it’s nearly there. I also painted a first top coat on the skirtings and door.


Mark the electrician came back to finish up some jobs, specifically reinstalling the heaters downstairs (which had to wait until the OSB had been varnished), installing a new light in the living room and moving smoke detectors.

Living room

I’ve said before that there’s always another job to do on this house. Generally that’s good because it means I have a variety of things to attend to if I get bored by any one of them. The other side of that is some jobs can stall especially when they are tricky and annoying. One of those is finishing the downstairs ceilings. I’ve documented how bad the walls are and have resisted taking the wallpaper off most of the ceilings for fear of what horrors will be revealed. That means I have a lot of rough and torn wallpaper edges round the tops of all the rooms. I’ve been mulling over what to do about them for weeks and I finally made up my mind to get on with it. They needed to have the worst rough areas trimmed back then any torn or loose parts had to be glued back up with extra strong paste. Even after that, they looked grubby and uneven so I had to find a solution to hide that. Decorator’s caulk turned out to be the answer. It can be squeezed along a thin line, is malleable enough to be spread very thinly and can be painted over. I tried a test section of the living room ceiling and was chuffed to find it worked. That meant I could finally get on with painting. This is still ongoing and the final finish is not quite certain but, so far, I quite like the textural effect…


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