Varnishing act


There haven’t been any huge developments in the last couple of weeks, just a lot of mundane, background jobs like sanding, touching up, scraping etc. The biggest task is, ironically, the least photogenic. I’ve been varnishing the OSB walls. This took a while and involved sanding everything down and then applying two coats of varnish. Award yourself brownie points if you can tell which is before and which is after.

On a more visually interesting level, I sanded and primed the living room inset. This will eventually be shelved. I’m now mulling over ideas for what colour to paint it.


  1. David Sinclair / Oct 16th, 2020 20:03 Quote Reply

    Really liking the OSB, Scott. I’m voting for the left-hand photo being the after!

    • ADMIN
      Scott Russell / Oct 18th, 2020 16:05 Quote Reply

      I think you’re right, but I’m struggling to remember! It’s more obvious in person but I think the varnish does have a slight sheen to it and it does bring out the golden quality in the OSB.

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