Fireplace finale


Friday 25th September, an important day as the joiners returned to finish off the fireplace. You may recall the last time we saw the fireplace it looked like this…

I didn’t have a specific plan for this area of the room as I wasn’t sure what would be left after the fireplace was removed. I confess I wasn’t expecting quite this level of devastation. Clearly a significant solution was required. Luckily, Mike, my chief contractor, was quick to offer an idea that fitted with the rest of the room and was very cost effective.

Essentially we would replicate the OSB theme from the kitchen but as a single panel across the wreckage of the fireplace and top it off with a rustic shelf.

I’m dead pleased with the result. Yes that it is a scaffolding board used as a shelf. It’s a nice touch that fits with the overall look and it was beautifully sanded by Craig. We even kept the metal corners.

You can also see skirting boards in the earlier pic. I wasn’t originally going to have any but the frankly amazing variations in the floor levels dictated that they were required just to make everything appear level. Craig also installed skirtings round the rest of the OSB walls.

I’m really pleased with the joinery work so far and this isn’t the end, Mike and his team will reappear soon for yet another intriguing development. More on that later…


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