Garden Interlude 2


I should stop calling these posts interludes as the garden is every bit as important as the rest of the project it’s just not quite the top priority just now. That said, plans for the garden are also ongoing and, though I may not start anything structural for a few months, I am developing ideas on what I want to do with it.

Having somewhere to sit is a key part of the garden for me so I’ve been browsing Gumtree for benches for a while now. Unfortunately they are fairly pricey even when used and the majority are really quite ugly, ranging from overly twee and ornate traditional furniture to ‘cooncil’ style utilitarian beasts to home made clunkers built from leftovers and bits of decking. You might think the latter would appeal to me, and they do, but only when done with some imagination and there seems to be very little of that around on my budget.

I was pleased, therefore, to come across this simple but quite elegant bench with some accompanying tables for £40.

I took a quick road trip up to the very pleasant, upmarket Dundee suburb of Broughty Ferry to collect them last Friday night and had them in situ on Saturday. I’ve been happily enjoying the late September sun ever since.

I also started moving in a few items from the old garden so it’s starting to feel like home.

And here’s Dill enjoying the garden…


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