Front bedroom update


Continuing my quick roundup. There’s been good progress in the front bedroom after the final removal of the wallpaper. I started painting the undercoat but was still concerned about the amount of uneven and damaged plaster – there isn’t a room in the house with undamaged plaster, I suppose that’s what you get with 100+ year old houses, but I really wish someone had taken a bit more care when fixing things rather than just bodging and covering up the problems. I then discovered Filler Paint (thanks Anne!) which creates a kind of adhesive coating which fills in cracks. It isn’t perfect – nothing but a full re-skim could cover some of these problems – but it does have a stabilising effect on the walls. This stuff is specifically for ceilings but all the walls could do with a bit of help so I’ve started using it everywhere as a first coat. The upstairs bedroom is now starting to look habitable though there’s still quite a bit of filling and further coats to go.


  1. Anne Sanderson / Sep 9th, 2020 18:27 Quote

    ? glad the paint helped a bit! You’ve done a great job – looking good.