Back bedroom update


I haven’t mentioned the back bedroom very much as it’s basically being used as a storeroom for bits of kitchen equipment. Now that a visit from the joiners is a likely prospect, it occurred to me that I needed to start getting this room in shape in readiness.

The room is a similar size as the the front bedroom but has a giant built-in wardrobe and has lost an area in the corner due to the addition of the mad wetroom.

It needs basically the same work as the other bedroom except that the original coving is intact and I don’t feel the need to remove the woodchip wallpaper from the ceiling. Otherwise it’s wallpaper stripping, patching and repainting again.

As with the other rooms, there’s a fair bit of damage to the plaster and yet more patching and caulking will be required. One of the intriguing surprises in here was the remnants of a silver coated square stuck to the wall over the fireplace. I have no idea what it was for but it took nearly an hour of steaming and scraping to remove. Only one wall needs to be finished ahead of the arrival of the joiners so I’ve given it a first coat, the improvement is gratifying.

I also found a few more plasterer’s scribbles under the wallpaper. Comments please on what this might be…


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