Kitchen update


The main development in the kitchen is that there’s now hardly anything left. I’ve been negotiating (very slowly due to Covid and, you know, tradesmen…) with a joiner over demolishing the remainder of the kitchen and rebuilding it with something more functional. I’m hopeful this is now close to happening, after which the rest of the downstairs should progress at speed. I’ll do a separate post on this soon. Effectively, all work in the kitchen is aimed at getting ready for joiners to come in.

The sink has turned out to be a mini-project on its own. The installed sink is an ancient, wrapover unit which was too big for the space. To make it fit they demolished a chunk of the plaster wall and replastered the new sink in meaning that a) the wall is already compromised and b) the old sink can’t be removed without damaging the wall further and plastering. Underneath, plumbing for the washing machine takes up the left hand side of the space and the waste outflow pipe takes up the right so the chances of my getting a dishwasher under here are low. Again, something for a future post.


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