A bit more demolition


At the moment every task is about tearing down, demolishing and removing which can feel a bit negative. When I look at the pictures of entry day back in June, everything was at least whole and presentable, now it all feels a bit trashed and I wonder how long it will be before I can do something actually constructive? Having said that, nothing had been done in decades and there were a great many bodges, make-do’s and patches, all of which need proper attention to bring the place back to life, so I can at least be satisfied that I’m paying attention to it all.

I had a clear-out of the under stairs cupboard recently. The decor in here is a combination of the original, rather shiny plaster and a fair bit of patching. This is how it looked pre-purchase. There were a couple of old kitchen units stacked up and some old wall mounted shelves.

I carefully removed the units and discovered a hole in the plaster which had been carved out to accommodate the corner. You can see the bodged fix they used to cover the bulk of the hole. The shelves were straightforward to dismantle and may come in handy at some point in the future. There is a questionable looking cable sticking out and I guess it’s one of the original lead ones the electrician was trying to track down. I’ll get him to take it out next time he comes.

I plan to fit this out at some point into an efficient utility cupboard perhaps a bit like this one.

I also found this vintage AA badge in one of the cupboards. It’s a quality curio, I’ll find a place for it somewhere in the new design.


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