15 July


I’m going to try and post more, shorter updates to keep on top of things.
Week three has started with a bit more wallpaper stripping, what else? I think we can all agree it’s a tedious and arduous job that doesn’t really require any more words. Here’s the recent progress.

Aside from the tedium of wallpaper the other major task is demolition. At the weekend I removed the breakfast bar and a couple of base units from the kitchen. This afternoon I took out the built-in shelving units.

I was intending to donate the units on the assumption that they were single pieces of furniture that could be reused, unfortunately this wasn’t the case. In fact they were multiple sections, screwed together very thoroughly and made to fit this space. The only way to take them out was to take them apart. Removing the upper one will be lots of fun…

The better news was that the lino was loose and hadn’t been glued down at all which will make laying a new material a lot easier.

I also made a start on removing the inset shelving. This was very old and had been modified, painted over and had been boxed in with assorted shims, facings and screws. It was a mess and took a bit of persuasion with the hammer to get it out. I can see multiple layers of tiles, hardboard, facing boards and other materials all quite carefully interlocked. This extends round to the sink are as well. It’ll all have to come out but I’m going to wait to consult a pro before I set about that job.


  1. Anne Sanderson / Jul 16th, 2020 20:40 Quote

    What a lot of progress you’ve made already, Scott. That’s amazing. Hopefully having gadgets to help with wallpaper stripping will speed things up and get that bit over with sooner.

  2. ADMIN
    Scott Russell / Jul 17th, 2020 7:11 Quote

    Thanks. The steamer does help a good bit but every square inch of this process is a battle and there’s loads of nicks, glue and tufts of liner paper and bits of paint left over, so this is just the first pass. Each wall will need several more goes to get them back to a reasonable level. Then I;ll have to decide what to put on them!