Pandemic house buying


I’ve been looking for a new house since spring 2018. I went through many visions of what that would be: new or old, flat or house, buy outright/ or get a small mortgage? And where it would be: the kid goes to school in Crieff and I didn’t want to take her away from the friends and school she was happy with. This left me with a search radius of a few miles around Crieff including Comrie, Muthill, Auchterarder and Gilmerton. I eventually came across this 2 bed cottage in a small terrace in Crieff.

Exterior Pittenzie Place

I made an offer in mid February 2020, just as the stories of a virus starting to spread in China started to become news. The offer was accepted and I was hopeful about getting the keys within a few weeks. Of course external events took over and a national lockdown was declared on March 23rd 2020, effectively halting all house purchases across the UK.

So I waited, not entirely sure if or when the purchase would complete. Finally, in mid June, things began moving again. The purchase was completed without further issues and I got the keys on 30th June.

Time for some pics. These are the original pics from the estate agent’s web site.


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